RLSS I - Rashtriya Life Saving Society India

The Rashtriya Life Saving Society (India) RLSS (I) is a national, non-profit, voluntary organisation dedicated to helping people to learn modern lifesaving techniques. We are a leading provider of training in first aid, resuscitation, water safety, life saving and life guarding skills in India. The Society is a member of the International Life Saving Federation and branch of the Royal Life Saving Society (Commonwealth).

There are many ways you can become involved with the RLSS (I). This can range from learning new skills and qualifying as a first aider or lifesaver, getting a recognised qualification to be a trainer or making a donation to help us provide lifesaving information and training for young and old alike.




Whomsoever you see in distress see in him/ her a fellow person


To encourage every Indian to believe in the above


To encourage every individual to learn skills to help a person in distress so that an accident victim or person in dire need receives immediate help from a First Aiders or Lifesavers in his/ her vicinity and is not left unattended to die.

To fulfil its mission the RLSS (I) works to:

         Educate the masses in skills to help a fellow being in distress on land in water by running our programmes in schools, colleges, institutions, clubs, housing societies, swimming pools, water fronts and at other swimming venues

         To ensure a safe beach environment by providing lifesaving services through vigilance, education, prevention and rescue

         The provision of comprehensive development programs for members to gain personal growth and develop skills

         Promotion of lifesaving, safety during water-sports - and associated community-based activities with a special emphasis on youth

         Promotion of excellence in water sports through broad-based participation, equity and access to competition and the opportunity to develop to elite performance levels

         Creating avenues for the growth of lifesaving movement in the country

Activities of RLSS India

The activities of the RLSS(I) include:

         Resuscitation/ First Aid/ Lifesaving/ Lifeguard/ Instructors & Examiner training

         Disaster Management programmes

         Road Safety programmes

         Corporate & Industrial Safety programmes

         Residential Societies & Community Safety programmes

         School Programmes/ Helping Hands Clubs

         Swim to Survive Programmes

         Lifesaving Sports