Music Room
Music Room
The School Music Room is located in Science Art & craft building (ground floor). Our aim is to develop a devotion & idea for learning the music in the students’, through which children’s can show their hidden talent. The room has a wide range of musical instruments and all instruments are easily accessible to children.
We currently offer children music classes in:
·         Instrumental Class (Tabla, Casio, Sitar, Violin, Sarod, Guitar, Congo, Bongo, Drum, etc.)
·         Music Vocal
Light music
Classical Music
·         Instrumental
·         Competitions
School Level
All India Radio
Aim of Class
Their aim is to provide students with the best possible learning environment, because we ensure:
·         A balance of student/teacher led lesson content
·         Consistent planning of lessons, using an approved Associated Board planning
·         Regular student review of teachers, Master In charge.
·         A relaxed and friendly atmosphere.
Instrumental Teachers
There are individual teachers from various parts of India to focus on the lessons. Each teacher’s lesson plan is to develop new style and pieces chosen by the student, and will include, where necessary; technique, theory and scales relating to the chosen music.
·         Committed, qualified teachers
Instrumental Classes
Interactive and energetic, classes are divided into form wise & house wise using different instrumental playing, singing, etc,.
The courses encompass: 
Rhythmic and code development.
Music vocabulary and theory classes.
Instrumental experimentation (through the use of a range of percussion instruments)
Music appreciation by famous personality.