Origins & History

Origins & History

“To whose inspiration, devotion and energy the inception of this school is due”

Late Shri Banwari Lal Matanhelia, was the founder President of VIKAS BHARTI SCHOOL. He devoted his life to the welfare of society and did pioneering work to plan and execute programmes for social upliftment like setting up educational institutions of excellence, homes for the  down trodden and creating awareness for philathropic works among his influential peers.
He was associated with several schools & colleges but it was the Institute Of Technology & Management (ITM) that became his personal flagship.
Shri Banwari Lal believed that “the aim of education is knowledge, not of facts, but of values" and it was with this philosophy in mind that he went on to establish VIKAS BHARTI SCHOOL,  on 1st July 1995. 
The School is run by the VIKAS BHARTI Trust. According to the deed, Vikas Bharti School's cardinal objective was to provide the youth of Purvanchal and of the country at large, the opportunity to get an all-round education based on an adaptation of the English public school system on India’s tradition-enriched soil.
Although rich in cultural and traditional heritage and in natural resources, the Purvanchal region, place of origin of Shaivite sage Guru Gorakhnath, the land of Kabir Das and a scant 100km from Lumbini is one of the most backward areas in the country. In today’s age of scientific advancement and information technology, this region still lags far behind in the provisions of human dignity and quality of life. For long, the thought of a "real public school" (built along lines of England and India's Heritage Schools), which would cater to the needs of all who came, Shri Banwari Lal Matanhelia and his close contemporaries worked hard to ensure that Vikas Bharti was set up to provide training in leadership to young students, in Purvanchal and the rest the country, as well as overseas, for all who could afford the quality education. 
Vikas Bharti School is a non-profit co-educational, residential public school. It is an organ of the Vikas Bharti Trust & Society, which was constituted on June 30, 1992 by 23 leading personalities of Gorakhpur. The society was formally registered on July 3, 1992 and the project of the school was taken up for execution on December 20, 1993. The foundation stone was laid on June 19, 1994. On July 4, 1995 academic activity started in the school. On September 27 the foundation stone for the first hostel of the school, was laid and the school compound was named Bhartipuram. Thanking all who were connected with the efforts of the management, the Principal along with the faculty and the perseverance of the students, brought many proud and glorious moments to the school.