Report Card

Progress Reports

Report Cards are sent to the parents/guardians every month. The children are assessed in three spheres:-

Industry :                  In which child's keenness, hard work and effort are taken into account.
Achievement :          In which child's performance in tests and assignments are taken into account.
Efficiency :               In which child's handwriting, neatness, forgetfulness and attentiveness are taken into account.

The school conducts examination for each term. The Autumn Term examination, held in December is referred to as Trials and the Spring Term examination, conducted in March is referred to as Finals.


At the end of each term Mark sheet is sent to the parent/guardian along with Subject Reports, prepared by each subject teacher giving details about the child's keenness, aptitude, industry and efficiency in the subject, Housemaster's Report which gives an overall view about the child's progress, and Self-Appraisal Form, which is filled by the child herself / himself.