School Codes & Policies



The school does not believe in the system of corporal punishment. It follows the system of persuasion and reward and emphasis is placed on instilling a sense of universal brotherhood and amity in the young impressionable minds.

Students and their parents must familiarize themselves with the rules and regulations of the School. Failure to adhere to them will result in their being liable to appropriate disciplinary action.
· Visiting parents/guardians are not allowed to give any Tuck/Cooked Food to the child. No cash is allowed. Defiance to this rule may result in a ban on the visiting person's future visits to the child.
· The child is not permitted out of the School for religious festivals or ceremonies of any kind during the term time, except for those festival days which are declared as outing days in the school calendar.
· The child is not allowed to leave School for wedding in the family during term time except for the wedding of real brother or sister.
· The child will be permitted to attend the wedding of real brother or sister on these conditions : 
1.  Specific permission is requested by the parent at least two weeks in advance.
2.  Clear journey instructions are given by the parent including the whereabouts and relation of the escort with the child.
3.  The child will be allowed an absence of travel time plus one night at home only.
Correspondence: All correspondences to the school must bear the folio number, name, house & form of the child. Any change in the address must be intimated immediately along with a triplicate copy of the new address.