School Laboratories

Physics Laboratory

The School has physics laboratory facilities to carry out experimental studies & research in the areas such as non-linear electronics, non-linear optical materials, thin films, and high-pressure low temperature physics. The laboratories have also been well equipped to carry out practical’s in electronics, properties of matter, magnetism, heat, sound, electricity, spectroscopy, dielectrics, ultrasonic’s, optics, crystallography, condensed matter etc.
The department aims in developing academically competent and professionally motivated Student leaders, equipped with objective and critical thinking that compassionately foster the scientific temper with a sense of social responsibility.


CHEMISTRY Laboratory
Chemistry Lab provides the opportunity for skills learned in class to be applied in a hands-on, minds-on situation. Experiments performed throughout the period will require practical to use problem solving skills and accurately analyze of collected data. Selected principles and applications of chemistry, with emphasis on the fundamental of chemistry. Chemistry dealing with concepts of atomic and molecular structure, chemical bonding, solution chemistry, equilibrium, reaction rates, and properties of gases, liquids, and solids. Topics include the theories of atomic structure; stoichiometry; properties of gases, liquids, solids, and solutions; periodicity of the properties of elements; chemical bonding; equilibrium; kinetics, thermodynamics; acid-base reactions; electrochemistry, coordination chemistry, and nuclear chemistry. The underlying unity of chemistry is a basic theme. Laboratories provide an introduction to basic techniques used in experimental chemistry. Proper laboratory procedures, chemical safety rules, chemical disposal and waste minimization are important components of the course. Experiments are selected to provide illustration and reinforcement of course topics.
A good chemistry laboratory is fully equipped with the basic measuring and analytical chemistry laboratory apparatus that allows a good study of all the branches of chemistry. However all the different experiments performed under the supervision of the lab instructor only. Adhering to safety norms is of paramount importance in a chemistry lab.



BIOLOGY Laboratory

School Biology lab is the place where the best experiments are designed to get students actively involved in the subject matter. Hands-on experimentation is one of the best ways to teach biology.Biology as a science deals with the origin, history, process, and physical characteristics, of human, plants and animals. Biology lab is a place where different types of experiments and research concerning all the disciplines of life science take place. Lab is equipped with most modern biology instruments. Teachers working in a bio lab use certain basic biology lab equipment and tools on daily basis such as microscopes, test tubes, beakers, and bunsen burner etc.