School Library
School Library

Vikas Bharti School library is a located in first floor of Science Block, where students gets books, pamphlets, magazines, newspapers etc., for their study reference. The school library offers learning services, various books and resources that enable all students / staff of the school community to become critical thinkers and effective listener. These resources are for student reference and information. The school library supports the student’s studies. The School Library is fully automated with the Library Management Software.


Students Gets:

• give students knowledge (both general knowledge and specific information from set textbooks)

• provide explanations, dictionaries, various language grammar books / translator, 

• satisfy students’ curiosity and interest in life

• offer art, craft, music, dance and cultural information.

Using the books and other material in the library will help teachers to prepare their lessons plan & project work better. This will encourage students to study, learn and achieve better results as well as give them the confidence to start looking for information on their own.