Swimming Pool

Swimming Pool

The school has an National standard L-Shape Swimming Pool. The pool is open for students during sports time and holidays. The students are coached by a professionally coach (NIS) and Inter-house competitions are held for the same. A swimming pool offers a valuable period for children's and teachers. Mostly life guard & teacher generally on duty to ensure that more people use these pools. A school always have a clear water & clean pool, which is periodically identified by swimming pool management. The pool manager of a swimming pool has the responsibility for ensuring the safety of users during pool time. A chemical disinfectant of some type is added to the swimming pool water to ensure that any harmful contamination is either destroyed or reduced to a level which is not normally harmful to the health of bathers. The testing of the swimming pool water should be a routine part of the duties of a pool manager as well as teacher on duty.

  Swimming Pool Policies & Rules

· Swimming is prohibited unless a coach on duty or life guard.
· A shower is required before entering the pool.
· Body lotions and cosmetics are to be washed off before entering the pool.
· All participants must enter the Pool Attendance Register.
· Unauthorized people are not allowed to enter the pool and locker room area.
· Swim suits shall be worn; jeans or cut-offs are not allowed.
· Excretion of body fluids and other debris in the pool is prohibited.
· Persons with open cuts, skin rashes and/or infections will not be allowed in the pool.
· Swim cap must be used by boys & girls.
· Due to possible loss, jewelry is not permitted.
· Gum, food, beverages, glass and other breakable objects are prohibited in the pool area and locker rooms.
· Street footwear is prohibited during swimming & pool area.
· Participants will be admitted on a first-come first-serve basis.
· Beginner and weak swimmers are to remain in the shallow area.
· Personal flotation devices are under permission by the swimming instructor in the shallow area.
· Diving is prohibited.
· Use of the starting blocks is prohibited except during practice and swim meets.
· All participants must obey the directives of the lifeguard at all times.
· Failure to abide by any and all pool rules may result in ejection from the swimming pool.